What in the World is Going On?

An Astrological Perspective on 2020

by Colleen Lemma

With everything that we have been experiencing since the beginning of this year of 2020, many of us has been left with the question, “What in the world is going on?” Or, perhaps another way to phrase this is, “What is happening in our country, and on the planet as a whole, and why?”

This writer is looking at those questions from an astrological and energetic perspective, but one in which will be explained in easy to understand terms, and hopefully in a way that will gently guide you to explore a deeper understanding of what our human evolution is all about.













We began this year, in January 2020, with Saturn, the Great Teacher of Karmic Lessons and ruler of the 3rd dimensional systems of our planet, connecting with Pluto, the Great Transformer and ruler of power, and the death & rebirth cycle. This set into motion an energy for 2020 that challenged us on a soul level to empower ourselves and take responsibility for our planet and the systems that operate it. A mighty task indeed!

In March, Truth Seeker Jupiter, planet of expansion and ruler of our belief systems, joined the previous powerful duo in a dance of the planetary gods that was predestined to assist us all in the understanding of things from a higher perspective, and the restructuring of the systems, organizations, and governments on our planet.
























Up until the beginning of 2020 most of us were living life as usual, mostly on automatic pilot. But, Saturn is the planet that provides us with a reality check. Pluto is the planet that brings radical change when it is needed. And, Jupiter is the one that wants to expand us into new horizons.

To go a little deeper….Saturn rules authority figures, law and order, restrictions and limitations, and the status quo. Pluto rules misuse of power, control and manipulation, repressed rage, and the collective “shadow” of humanity. And, Jupiter rules judgments, bigotry, extravagance and excess. Do you see a theme with the unfolding situations that we have experienced in the last few months?














But there is good that comes out of these three coming together as well. With Saturn it is a restructuring of the systems on our planet, organization, and the manifestation of long term plans. Pluto brings empowerment and taking back our power, letting go of the old, and regeneration and rebirth. And finally, Jupiter brings growth and abundance, education and knowledge and new perceptions based on wisdom.

Change is never easy but always necessary, because without change there is no growth. The Universe has given us the opportunity to attain positive, and much needed, change. Now we, as a collective, must take responsibility for ourselves, and our planet, to create a better way for all. We are only in the beginning stages of this change, but Jupiter asks us to hold the vision, Pluto initiates the transition, and Saturn will bring the manifestation of new structures that will teach us a new way of Being.













Colleen Lemma, Star Seed Astrologer and Spiritual Messenger, is here to assist in the empowerment of others through her consultations, healings, and teachings. She works with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Light to awaken others to the truth of their Divinity. Colleen is an empath and intuitive and, through her messages and different modalities of healing, is here to assist and guide others on their Path of evolution and growth, and to awaken one to their soul’s true potential. You can find her at www.sacredsoulempowerment.com, on Face Book at Colleen Lemma and Sacred Soul Empowerment, and on her YouTube channel at Colleen Lemma.