Welcome to the Mush

by Will Wilkinson

The world is re-booting and so must we.


Most of us know the caterpillar-to-butterfly metaphor. What's often skipped over is the in-between stage where the caterpillar begins its transition by dissolving into a chrysalis, which becomes a mushy womb from which the butterfly is born.


Welcome to the mush. There will be no "recovery" for us, only transformation. Efforts to re-boot the human economy will fail, if the intention is to return to business as usual, before Covid-19. For years we've read and spoken of transformation, now we're in it.


In her article on Coronovirus, author Azrya Cohen Bequer describes how Gaia, the earth, has enlisted the corona virus to stop the human world and nudge us into a transformation for our species. Most reassuring to me, the author's insights arise from the plant kingdom, not from her head.

Many of us arrived with a sensing of what was coming. We've done our best to adjust to the human world but never really felt totally at home here. We lived on the edge of town, misfits troubled by a vague (or vivid) awareness of "something" coming from the future. This is it and now it's here.

Even those most addicted to the familiar human state are beginning to realize that it's rapidly slipping into memory land. The future will be something very different. But just as an earthbound caterpillar doesn't suddenly spring into flight as a beautiful butterfly, Humanity 1.0 cannot escape its own necessary transition phase.












What will this be like and how long will it last? We will find out by experiencing it personally, which we already are. The process has begun. We are cocooning at home, social distancing from each other. Why? Just to avoid getting infected? We already are, all of us. We're humans, destined for transformation, and this is the beginning of stage two ... not stage three.

We may look ahead with anticipation to an unimaginable future of colorful flight but first we'll dissolve. The theoretical dream of becoming a butterfly will die with our old, caterpillar state. No worries. As surely as sunrise follows night, our new experience is gestating, even now as we worry about health and money and how quickly we can return to the way we used to live. Not going to happen.

Caterpillars consume hundreds of times their weight in food each day. Likewise, we humans have ravaged the earth. Every attempt to curb our appetite has failed, but this is different. We are not directing this change, earth herself is, and we have no choice but to follow along.

Let's find ways to enjoy growing in darkness. I expect this will involve some personal shadow work and the author of the article I recommended at the beginning of my post explains this very well.

Finally, if this metaphor holds true, a time will come for labor. That could be painful and extended. But what a payoff birth will be! We will fly.

Will Wilkinson has written or co-written over 30 books on spirituality and self-improvement. He presents at conferences, moderates panels, conducts interviews, and collaborates with world changers of all types. His Noon Club initiative invites individuals to pause at noon for a conscious prayer.




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