by Therese Holliday, CHHP, CMMT

In this day and age we are surrounded by politically embattled healthcare topics, each financially driven, each a power struggle.  Yet we as the public are restricted from seeing the whole truth… no full disclosure, no fully informed consent… no entire picture of what could be.  While countries worldwide also source science-backed knowledge used for thousands of years, here advertising for pills and injections adorn the appropriately deemed “programming”.

The latest breakthroughs in science provide insight into much more than proper functionality of muscle tissue and bone being responsible for health. Studies show direct correlation between electrical or physical stimulation of acupuncture points and chemical or energetic release in the bodily fluids which impact physical structure, mental capacity and emotional stability. 


Evidence is available proving that toxicity is a cause of illness, cancers and death, so when the organs function incorrectly, their ability to expel toxins is impaired and thus the body and mind become poisoned.    This applies to chemical and processed food products, personal care and cleaning products, synthetic inhalants, and that which impacts us via frequency i.e. 5G, wifi and EMFs.

Over the last few decades, science has made great strides in finding positive impacts to health via application of energy, sound or light.  Sound & light balance frequencies naturally occurring in the body.  When, for example, mitochondria, the energy centers of our cells, are provided short doses of frequency intermittently, this can reboot metabolism.

What is simply amazing is that through implementation of balancing frequencies, one can reverse what was once thought to be irreversible.  Viewing health through the eyes of a scientist and knowing that everything is energy and that those energies can be brought back into balance with frequencies, one’s perspective of how to live disease-free can be quite different from that marketed and soon mandated healthcare.

Therese brings decades of experience, professional training and wisdom to the table. From Pranic Healing and medical massage to nutrition, use of essential oils, implementation of biofeedback and brain integration technique - her compassion for helping those in search of true health is limitless. Her passion is to give us "Options".


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