by Peggy Leviton


Vibration!  Everything in the Universe constantly vibrates – including us. Vibration connects ancient wisdom with modern physics. The sounds we hear are part of the range of vibrational frequencies around and within us.


Sound and vibrations affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The use of sound in healing extends from ancient chants to modern medicine, from OM to ultrasound.


When we are in a funky mood, often we choose to listen to music that makes us feel better. There are many good reasons for how and why this happens!


When we are in harmony with our own natural vibration, we are “in resonance” with ourselves and the world around us. This can be described as being in a natural state of joy, underlying serenity, a sense of “being right” with our world.


When we are out of resonance disease results – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. We require acoustic vibrations with natural overtones to keep us in balance.


The instruments I prefer – Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, Pythagorean-tuned chimes, tingshas, Balinese bell, tuning forks, frame drum, rainstick, rattles – all produce sounds and overtones to nurture our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.


I assess the balance of energy in your biofield, then work with your healing intention to release blockages, nurture depletions and achieve your natural energy flow. Very importantly, I use focused sound to trigger the relaxation response.


Scientific research confirms how natural sounds help us to relax. In our stressful world the sympathetic nervous system works overtime, with the parasympathetic system unable to catch up and release the resulting built-up stress in our systems.


The autonomic nervous system responds to certain sounds to balance the sympathetic/parasympathetic nerves.


Documented benefits received by my clients include deep restful sleep, enhanced sense of well-being, anxiety relief, stress release, physical pain relief, ability to release stuck emotions, increase in creativity, a sense of being grounded in the body, mental focus, and joy!

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Peggy Leviton, Certified Sound Therapist and Sound Practitioner offers the use of natural acoustic sounds and vibrations in individualized, personal sessions to effect healing, positive change, and healthy transformation. A native of Chicago, Peggy has a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University. After moving to the Pacific Northwest she also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Sound Practitioner credentials. Now happily settled in Jacksonville, Peggy masterfully combines her deep sensitivity to sound, scientific understanding, love of spiritual inquiry and human approach with sound and vibrational therapy.