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The Top 3 REAL Reasons Why You Have Clutter

By Pam Lott, Clutter -relief Specialist, Coach And Professional Organizer

Owner, simplifize™ life

When we think clutter, we think ‘stuff’.

And, on the surface, it’s basic math.

When inflow exceeds outflow, we crossover from just messy to cluttered… that point when our things start robbing us of valuable space, time and peace of mind.

But is that the whole truth?

What if clutter is a symptom, rather than the problem?

Though it’s things we blame for clutter, the REAL reasons behind the clutter has roots in our heads.

Clutter and chaos actually start with our innermost thoughts, long before stuff hits the floor, drawer, closet or file cabinet.

First, we set up Unrealistic Expectations, taking on too much and not being clear. Thinking we can tackle in one weekend (or a day off), a month’s, year’s, or even decade’s worth of accumulation.

The resulting overwhelm leaves us paralyzed, frustrated and stuck in an endless loop of indecision and inaction. Meanwhile, clutter keeps accumulating.

Second, we have Missing Boundaries, saying yes when we mean no.

This takes form as all the outside demands on our time, talent, energy and/or company.

When putting other’s first, our needs get put on the back burner. Clutter begins to accumulate.

And, third, there are Old Beliefs, the rules we live by. Based on those self-deprecating things we believe about ourselves. Or broad generalizing statements about life, coping strategies put in place a long time ago, and coloring our perceptions.

This is emotional clutter. It clouds our thinking, obscures our options and erodes our confidence. Often this shows up as physical clutter, sometimes even as excess body weight.

As you raise your clutter awareness, be gentle and curious. Clutter in and of itself isn’t all “bad”. It’s not out to get you, it just wants your attention, showing you where in your life you just might need some lovin’.

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