The Only True Healing Is Self-healing

by Dan Barber


It is a natural inclination for those who have been traumatized to take action to protect themselves. It is in this proactive defense that we build shields around ourselves; shields that thicken and solidify with each assault, real or perceived. Eventually we have encased ourselves in a cocoon that is as damaging as it is protective, and from within this cocoon the tools necessary for healing are sometimes out of reach.


As a facilitator for self-healing, I work with clients to gain a clear understanding of their situation, and present tools and ideas that will give them some breathing room and eventually allow them to emerge completely.


My toolkit is derived from a wide variety of modalities including energy work, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  I promote a connection to nature as a healing force and utilize, when needed, plant medicines as tools.  I seek the root cause of traumas and promote Identity Change as a goal so that when healing happens, when the trauma is released, it is permanent.


These tools that I hand to clients will hopefully allow them to leave the cocoon as a new person; a butterfly from the chrysalis.


Breaking out of the cocoon is something that each person must do on their own. It is part of the healing process and there are no shortcuts. No-one can do this for you. My job is to help my clients, using wisdom, compassion and intuition, to understand the nature of their imprisonment and to find the tools that will allow them to escape.


Only you can heal you, but I can help you find the tools. Call for a free phone consultation today.


My name is Dan Barber and I am Wise Third Eye. See my website ( for further information. (505) 310-1098.

Dan Barber~

Wise Third Eye

Dan has been an energy worker for 20 plus years and brings an intuitive understanding of the self-healing process to each session. Utilizing the best of several different modalities, he has a large toolbox to choose from.  Clarity comes in the 'stepping back'. Observe your situation as an outsider and watch as the box around you disintegrates and solutions present themselves. "Accept and Observe" is a mantra of healing.


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