Healing with Mushrooms

by Kommany P. Leazer


Medicinal Mushrooms Mushrooms can enrich our bodies, minds and spirits. It allows our connection to Earth and the Tao (the basic, eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being, and change) to come alive. The mushroom teaches us the secrets to immortality.


By consuming mushrooms, we can restore balance within the body-mind-system and become super-humans.  Mushrooms are magical in many aspects and are now being used in psychotherapy to heal mental disorders. They are also full of essential micro-nutrients called polyphenols packed with antioxidants missing from traditional foods.


Mushroom varieties are broad,  ranging from culinary to strictly medicinal for tinctures and tea. Mushrooms have powerful immuno-modulators which can help regulate an overactive immune system by removing inflammation which is the main cause of dis-ease. Reishi can help regulate testosterone, Lions Mane contains Neural Growth Factor, and Cordyceps has traditionally been used for helping to maintain libido and sexual function in many Eastern societies.


Despite what the world believes, we are all part of the mycelium family. Mushroom spores travel wide distances, settle in humid locations, germinate and can lay dormant for many years in cold weather before the mycelium turn into fruiting bodies. That means almost every single living thing on this planet has touched or eaten mycelium, so if anything, mycelium connects the world as ONE.


The best types of mushrooms are the kinds you can find in the forest that good to eat like morels and boletes, bringing them home and making your own meals. We have a great time mushroom hunting with our family and when we unload our bags full of tasty Morels and Boletes, we share our joy and appreciation with the mushroom family. It’s a missing link in our existence. Everyone needs mushrooms in their life.

Maha Mushrooms

Maha Mushrooms is a family business built on love, health, wellness and abundance of life, light and soul purpose. We hope to bring forth the natural medicinal elements of the mushroom family and present them in the most organic, natural and easily consumable way possible. We know mushrooms can change the world and has. Maha Mushrooms is a brand we hope our great grandchildren can continue to heal the planet with.



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