Crystals & Reiki, Reveal & Heal

by Anna Fornachon

When I am truly quiet, my whole body, my nerves, my mind are still. In a healing session when I am with the crystals and another person in silence, & the Gendai Reiki is flowing through me, something happens beyond any kind of explanation that I am able to fathom.


I used to feel like I knew what was going, and the more and more I work with people in this way the less and less I know! Within this unknown, there is space for more profound healing.


I am able to experience deeper connections, communications and heartfelt moments of presence with individuals and groups of people, and things change on their own without me doing anything.


It is very humbling, and enlivening, it gives me a sense connection, of joy. There is a “yes!” going through my whole body, I feel alive, and I sense it rippling out and affecting others.


What can a person expect to receive in a session with me? An exploration of parts of themselves, hidden, like rocks unturned. There may be moments of vulnerability in discovering aspects (past or present) that are not needed anymore.


By letting go, rest and peacefulness can be found, accepting how they are in that moment, finding they have everything they need to move forward, that they are their own healer and it has nothing to do with me.


It is an honor and feels sacred to witness another human being’s evolution, especially when change is radical, where “impossible” shifts to effortless. Reflecting each other we can come to know that life is living "through" us, we can trust all is well, even when times are difficult.


Here we can experience true connection with others and celebrate life!

Anna has been experiencing the healing powers of crystals for 16 years and is custodian to an extensive crystal library. As a Gendai Reiki Practitioner she blends the spiritual and practical knowledge of this Reiki lineage, with the crystal consciousness accessible through the gems and minerals in her collection. Her personal journey includes worldwide travel studying with different indigenous cultures and individual shamanic practitioners.  The most recent addition to her healing basket are Radionics machines (Orgone/Chi Generators, hand made by Karl Welz), these electronic devices generate chi or life force and allow for a focused intention to be set and sent through the quantum field.


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