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Reiki; A Universal Language

by Sandra Toles, RN, RMT

It certainly has been quite a few months! This time in seclusion really gave everyone time to really look inside ourselves, and see what makes us tick. 

One thing for sure, is now we can see how connected we all are. I mean a virus clear across the world has made it to every corner of the planet in a short period of time. It has affected almost every human being. That is pretty amazing. 

We are all connected and I hope we can all see that. What I do affects others, and the ripple just continues outward. As I go about my day, it is important to me what I put out there for others. My hope is that it is light, love and positivity, so it can spread as well.

I learned a powerful energy technique called Reiki that helps me 24/7 do just that. Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that brings life force energy to you, bringing you back into alignment in your body. It balances your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies, so the body can heal itself. Amazing!

It helps with stress, pain, anxiety, grief, depression, phobias, death, pre and post surgery, and even helps animals.

This technique can be done in person or from a distance from my house to yours. 

Find my website to contact me for a session or if you have any questions.

Lets work together to BE the change!

Health and happiness to you.

In love,

Sandra Toles, RN, RMT




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Sandra Roles is a Registered nurse and Reiki Master/Teacher interested in helping you feel well. Reiki balances your energy so you can be who you were meant to be. Sandra also offer sFristers pendants that connect women together in friendship and love!!