Reasoning COVID-19
by Dr. Mark Force

There is a lot of bad information out there about Covid-19 and that information can range from being a hoax to being the zombie apocalypse. So, what to believe and what to do?


Corona viruses are respiratory tract viruses that include MERS, SARS, and Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Keynote symptoms are fever and a dry cough that can lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory failure.


Transmission is primarily via respiratory droplets (aerosols) broadcast through sneezing, coughing, or through touching surfaces recently exposed to aerosols. Note that being close enough to someone to feel or smell their breath means you are being exposed to their aerosols and, if they are infected, to the Covid-19 virus.


Covid-19 can be transmitted by asymptomatic carriers of the infection. Food does not appear to be a vector for transmission of the virus. Breastfeeding does not appear to transmit Covid-19.


Incubation appears to be 5 days from infecting exposure. People with mild cases of Covid-19 infections test for no longer being carriers/transmitters after 10-14 days after onset of infection.


Note that difficulty breathing or shortness of breath and/or persistent pain or pressure in the chest indicates need for immediate medical attention!


Annual flu in the US has a mortality rate of ~.1%. Most complications are in the elderly or in those with significantly compromised health similarly to Covid-19. Annual flu cases range from 9 million - 45 million and between 12,000 - 61,000 deaths annually in the US since 2010 according to the CDC.


South Korea has, arguably, the most robust Covid-19 testing program in the world and the best data on the Covid-19 outbreak per capita and has estimated mortality rate at between .6 and .77%.


Risk factors for complications/mortality are advanced age, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, pregnancy, immunodeficiency, and use of immunosuppressive drugs.







Preventing Infection: Specific Recommendations

*Wash your hands!

You will be exposed from touching infected surfaces! Just assume this is true. Always wash your hands before touching your face or eating. Watch the hand washing training videos - you will be surprised!



Use a plant-centric diet like the Mediterranean pattern diet, make fresh vegetable juice, drink water, and use natural Celtic sea salt. Eat garlic. Eat organic (preferably grass-fed) butter, cream, eggs (free-range), salmon, small fish, and whole eggs for vitamins A and D. Fresh fruits and vegetables give you vitamin C. Broccoli and onions and the white of citrus gives you bioflavonoids.


*For selenium, eat Brazil nuts, meats, seafood, and whole grains. Get manganese from whole grains, nuts, leafy vegetables, teas and bone broths and stocks. Zinc comes from meat, fish, eggs and beans.

*Homemade ginger-citrus  tea is a wonderful way to benefit from ginger and get more bioflavonoids in your diet. Boil sliced fresh ginger and citrus. You can add cinnamon, turmeric, and/or mint and honey or maple syrup to sweeten up to taste.



Move. Take a walk, hike, stretch, yoga, qi gong/tai chi, aerobic exercise, strength train. The key is enough, but not too much - maximize the benefit and minimize the stress.



Get more than you think you need. A little more and see how you feel. Go to bed around 10pm or earlier. You will probably feel better and your immune system will be happy.



Breathe more deeply and regularly. Learn how to breathe in and out through your nose, if you haven’t already. Nose breathing provides some protection from infection over mouth breathing.


Breathe so deeply you can feel your diaphragm move or, better feel the floor of your pelvis move. Learn to breath all the way out. Doing this gets rid of more of the residual air in your lungs.


*Being Engaged

You don’t have to self-quarantine unless you have evidence of being exposed in a way that makes you reasonably certain of becoming infected. The standard period for this is 14 days.


If you have contracted the infection, you need to isolate to minimize exposing others for the duration of having symptoms - fever, dry, cough, shortness of breath - usually ~14 days.


Masks are for people with the infection to use so that they aren’t broadcasting the virus from coughing or sneezing.


*Nasal Lavage

Wash your nasal passages with salt water (use unprocessed Celtic salt) and a drop of tea tree oil using a neti pot.


*Mouth Washing and Gargling

Gargling with salt water is a known method for decreasing the risk for viral infection and improving outcomes from infection.


*Covid-19 Infection Selfcare: General

The recommendations above for prevention are helpful for you to continue if you become infected - adding isolation, more rest and sleep, staying hydrated, monitoring temperature, and following any specific recommendations from your primary doctor.


If you believe you have become infected with Covid-19, contact your primary physician!!





If you are 50 or older, the risk for complications increases, and more so with each increasing decade of life. It is a good idea to monitor yourself for complications and be able to report useful data to your physician.


Make sure to have a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and thermometer - available at pharmacies. Keep a daily log of your morning and afternoon temperature, pulse, breathing/respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure.


Update your primary physician if -


  • temperature is 103 degrees or greater (102 degrees or greater with lung/heart disease)

  • breathing rate at rest is 24 or more

  • pulse at rest is consistently 100 or more

  • blood pressure shows a sudden increase or an increasing trend

  • oxygen saturation shows a trend of lower and lower numbers

  • oxygen saturation at rest is 90 or less


Note: Oxygen saturation of 85% or less is a medical emergency and indicates the need for immediate medical attention


May the information in this paper serve you and others. Yours in Health, Mark Force, DC



At The Elements of Health, our work is to be a catalyst for healing of accumulated injuries - physical, chemical, mental - that limit us from natural and full expression of our natural and innate nature. Drs. Conry and Force are chiropractic physicians specializing chiropractic neurology, applied kinesiology, cranial osteopathy, clinical nutrition, and non-needle treatment of acupuncture meridians.  Dr. Force has been in practice for 35 years and mentored countless chiropractic and naturopathic students and physicians. Dr. Hannah Force Conry is a chiropractic physician certified in Applied Kinesiology and Webster technique (ICPA).


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