Ancient Beauty Studio 
Visionary Art & Writing for These Times
by Marie Saint-Marie

Mary Saint-Marie is a Spiritual Educator, Mystic Artist and Writer, and founder of Ancient Beauty Studio Gallery.  She has written thirteen books that are spiritual and inspirational self-help.


Her book, The Holy Sight, about how to create Holy relationships with everyone, everything and everyplace, was shared with individuals and then in workshops for decades.


Mary received a message from her guides that The Holy Sight needs to be a book to help many others.  She opened her intuition and the chapters to educate and teach others began to flow in.


Each chapter is a revelation of how to shift how we see our selves and the world. It is more of a state of Consciousness than it is a technique or process. It begins with Holy Sight for the self and then moves into the world.


The book is a way of seeing self and others that shifts Consciousness and allows the radiant Self to shine through.


This book, including twelve others, serves as a passage into the Soul Presence, I Am Awareness. The self is realized as the Self. The presence.


Mary Saint Marie's visionary, sacred and mystic art is Soul-Infused. It is created to touch deep places in the viewer, that a deep and expanded and primal remembering may either occur or be mirrored and reflected. It is a living image of the Oneness that we all already are.


It is meditative art to uplift and elevate others to the realization of presence. The art is multi-media, multi-technique and multi-dimensional and it touches the transcendent self. 

Mary Saint-Marie is a Mystic artist, writer/poet, and Spiritual Educator. All forms of Mary's creations and work are to inspire and educate ones to realize the Oneness, the Illumined Inner Presence of the True Self. Mary has been featured in books, magazines, tv interviews, expos, workshops, full length films and conferences.​


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