There is a revolution going on in the global healing community!  People everywhere are beginning to understand and undertake the responsibility for their own healthcare and they are looking for non-invasive ways to heal more naturally without side effects from toxic drugs. 


One of the profound ways to help facilitate the body’s ability to heal is through touch.   In 2004, Dr. Kenna Stephenson, did a study that included several techniques the National Institute of Health classifies as energy medicine, such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.


She reported that in medicine, “kangaroo” touch is used for a baby born with low body temperature. The baby is “kangarooed” skin to skin, to mom’s tummy. The mother’s natural and spontaneous urge to stroke and caress the baby calms and reassures the child.


Dr. Stephenson’s conclusion is representative of the findings of three research projects she later did with a light, loving touch modality called Bio-Touch.


She said, “Our research confirms that Bio-Touch has an immediate and sustained favorable effect on bodily pain and physical conditioning in addition to an overall improvement in Quality of Life Scores in patients.”

Bio-Touch works so well because it embodies the essence of motherly love, communicating that love between two people who immediately feel it. Sharing love is what really makes Bio-Touch the most unique technique and a natural approach to healthcare.

If you are interested in learning more about Bio-Touch visit their website

by Beverly Wood

Bev Wood is a Certified Bio-Touch Instructor with 14 years of experience sharing and teaching this profound option in healthcare. As the Co Director and President of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM), a global educational foundation, she is helping to create a network of Bio-Touch Practitioners around the world. She recently moved from Tucson, AZ, the global headquarters of IFBM and is now living in Jacksonville, OR to further expand the awareness of Bio-Touch.


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