What is Medical Massage? 

Targeted and Acute Healing

by Helene Shoen, LMT


Medical massage is results/goal oriented hands-on therapy. You are usually coming in to specifically deal with and see improvement on a targeted issue, from severe recurrent headaches, to rotator cuff issues to low back or hip and sciatic type pain.


A Medical Massage practitioner might use multiple modalities to help treat your issue from trigger point therapy, to myofascial release, dynamic cupping, deep tissue and Proprioceptive Neuromuscluar facilitation (a real mouthful) and beyond...


Can I use my insurance?


Oregon Auto insurance will cover medical massage if: you have been in a Motor Vehicle accident in the last 2 years, have not closed your claim, and your issues are a result of that accident. (Yay! )


You can also come in as a direct pay patient, OR if you’d like to try and use insurance (some plans will cover) you can get a prescription from a doctor, chiro, FNP or other prescribing healthcare professional and our office can check with our medical biller to see if your plan will cover it.


Why go to a Medical Massage Practitioner?


Medical Massage Practitioners usually have higher levels of training in dealing with specific injuries and issues- For example, we have special training in whiplash injury assessment and treatment, peripheral nerve entrapment, sciatic issues, hip and pelvic stability, rotator cuff, etc, have done cadaver studies and dissections and have a host of other training specific to dealing with both short term injury and chronic pain.

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