Health Yourself!

with Tashina and Will Wilkinson


Tony Robbins, the giant motivational speaker, once spoke passionately about moving “health” to first position on his Top Ten List of personal priorities. Why? Because, as he said, if you aren’t healthy, nothing else has value.


“Health Yourself” is the name of our business and is the website. This unique term describes an attitude and a commitment: taking personal responsibility for your own wellbeing. We offer support to anyone who wants to get healthy and stay healthy, by learning self-help practices and using the latest healing technologies.


Mainstream medical pushes drugs and surgeries through dramatic interventions by experts. Alternate practitioners offer less disruptive approaches.  We provide detailed guidance about what you can do for yourself.


We describe 13 daily health practices that are easy - free or close to it - that deliver immediate improvements. We offer audio meditations with simple healing declarations embedded in a brain balancing technology. We describe and sell a wide range of wellness equipment. We write a health blog and have a resource section with articles and videos on the latest wellness breakthroughs.


Whether you are suffering from severe and chronic symptoms, supporting a family member or friend in health trouble, or eager to prevent disease from developing, you can “health yourself.” It’s easy, many of the practices cost nothing, and with the wellness coaching we provide (based on a combined 50 years of helping people get healthy in body, mind, heart, and spirit) you too can reap the rewards of making health your number one priority.


Don’t give up. Not until you explore the world of Health Yourself.


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Health Yourself~

Tashina & Will Wilkinson

Health Yourself is a simple but powerful system for helping yourself to become and stay healthy. When you learn how to take 100% responsibility for your own health and enroll health professionals to support you, dramatic healing can happen. We offer education and products and access to a world of the latest natural healing information.


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