During a time of technological dependence, which is distracting from sacred and powerful connections with Nature, the need for sanctuaries where families can be reminded on how to live in harmony with natural elements and their own divine gifts is essential. L.E.A.P. is dedicated to offering these sanctuaries all over the world, starting in Southern Oregon and Mount Shasta.


There are several ways that people can participate, sponsor, and support the EarthKeepers' growth. L.E.A.P is dedicated to constant development and offers platforms where Builder of New Earth can be uplifted into their natural abilities, skills and entrepreneurial mindset. This is a great opportunity for local business owners, entrepreneurs, and retired elders to put their energy into an organization that is developing the resources needed for the planet's regenerative healing and the natural well-being of the youth.

Parents are given access to the lesson blocks associated with their child’s age group so families can plan the year accordingly. A sample of our lessons include gardening, animal husbandry, building sustainably, writing, science, math, handwork lessons, nature crafts, nature walk ideas, and more. A lifetime membership with L.E.A.P includes graduation diplomas for the entire family.


The membership is kept at an incredibly affordable price and is a great investment in our children’s future as the next generation of socially conscious EarthKeepers. Our Academy offers live support and co-creative experiences for adults and children to engage in crucial life skills. As EarthKeepers, we possess abilities that allow us to be fluid and adaptable during the global transition into a higher vibrational community which strengthens and authentically empowers all citizens.

Harmony with Nature; An Introduction to
LEAP(Legacy Earthkeepers Academy of Permaculture)
by Eleyah Knight

​“Legacy EarthKeepers Unite!” Legacy Earthkeepers Academy of Permaculture 501 (3)c, known as L.E.A.P, is a foundation devoted to connecting families for life-enhancing, nature-based education through the critically acclaimed “Earthschooling” curriculum by the BEarth Institute.   Please visit EarthKeepersAcademy.org for more information and contact Eleyah Knight, Southern Oregon Director of L.E.A.P. at sodirector@EarthKeepersAcademy.org.



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