Harmony between Self and Community

by Mathew McKee

One of my personal passions is talking with people. I feel that when individuals meet one another in the heart space and fully listen to and hear what each is saying the potential for healing and growth is infinite. I feel it is extremely important for each individual to meditate upon their internal self and their True Purpose so that we may all find our individual center.


I also feel that is equally important for us to come together as community (whether that means 2 individuals or 2 million individuals), because, after all, humans are social beings. When a human is a part of the community they have access to all the reflections that their fellow humans provide and they have the opportunity to share and receive wisdom and information with others. We are all a key piece of an infinitely beautiful and intricate universe. Often times, if we can come together with others and engage in deep, authentic conversation we can become more aware of how we fit into the prayer of harmony with all beings.


Listen with your whole being, centered in your heart. Speak with your whole being, centered in you heart. If one chooses to engage with another being take the time to be present and conscious of the connection that has been established, even if it is just a brief interaction. The same goes for when we are engaging with those other than human; plants, animals, nature, when making our prayers to spirit, etc. Listen and hear in order to learn, to receive a new perspective, and to allow others to speak their truth. If a response is called for it will appear when the other is done expressing, and it will come a result of deep listening and an up-welling of harmonic communication.

Mathew McKee~

Intuitive Coaching

 Since I was a child, I have been the person people go to when they are looking for someone to help them figure out the tangle of the their hearts, minds and spirits. I have a unique talent of helping people go really deep, really quick. Throughout the years I have investigated many paths (meditation, Reiki, Plant medicines, crystals, dance, song, prayer, oracle cards, etc) as I have gone through the continual process of working to heal my traumas and align myself with the path of my True Purpose. 



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