Health Yourself!

by Will and Tashina Wilkinson


We appreciate the opportunity to share our top priority in life, taking responsibility for ourselves.


Over twenty years ago, I (Will) hosted a weekly television program entitled Health Yourself. I interviewed doctors about leading edge developments in health and it was inspiring. Today, we’re inspired by our customers! When anyone commits to improving their health and takes action, they create a ripple effect that influences family members, friends, colleagues at work, and even strangers who become curious when they watch someone becoming healthier than they were before.


Sadly, our doctors seldom do much to encourage us along this path. Most people meekly accept their fate as hapless victims to disease, relying on experts to save them. It takes something to buck this powerful trend. That’s why we always offer support for our customers, even for those who don’t buy anything from us.


We do sell our far infrared sauna and ozone generator and we have a three-month coaching program but the first step is right there in our company name: Health Yourself. Much of what any person can do costs little to nothing, starting with attitude. And the first attitude we advocate for improving our health is gratitude.


Why gratitude? Because when we’re grateful we are expressing appreciation for something we have already received. What have we received? The gift of life. And how precious is that?


We look forward to seeing you soon.  You can check out our sauna, you can ask questions, you can get inspired and encouraged to health yourself! Imagine, feeling better as you get older. That’s not only possible, it’s relatively easy to do. And what a feeling, to experience yourself being in control of your own wellbeing!

Health Yourself is a simple but powerful system for helping yourself to become and stay healthy. When you learn how to take 100% responsibility for your own health and enroll health professionals to support you, dramatic healing can happen. We offer education and products and access to a world of the latest natural healing information.


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