CBD for Integrative Care
by Stacy Page

Every week we hear from customers about their concerns of being over prescribed addictive pharmaceuticals for their pain, anxiety, and inflammation issues.  In the present climate with healthcare in America, it is common to question traditional western medicine when it comes to your health. 


Many people are educating themselves with a more integrative health approach to their well-being. More and more clinical studies on CBD are showing a wide scope of potential medical applications with very few side effects. 


These studies have shown CBD to have medicinal properties that help relieve inflammation, joint pain, seizures, nausea and can help support your cardiovascular health and muscle function. 


Pets also have many of the same health issues as they age.  We have seen amazing success with older pets using CBD tinctures or treats to help with arthritis and anxiety.  “My 12-year-old dog started running again after he had been on CBD for a few days.”  To be clear, full spectrum CBD has less than 0.3% of THC with no psycho active effects. It is safe to use on humans and pets.

How does CBD work in our bodies?


Our body contains cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2; full spectrum CBD achieves its effects by binding to other types of receptors, such as serotonin receptors, known to influence things like pain, mood, and sleep.

At Market Street Wellness we focus on a natural holistic perspective to health.  We believe life is inspired by health and happiness.  We work hard to carry the largest selection of therapeutic CBD products in the Valley; including CBD edibles, oils, salves, lotions, tinctures, flower and more.


Our staff has undergone extensive CBD training to become CBD certified thru East Fork Farm training program.  We want you to have the best experience and will always spend time educating you on CBD to assure your confidence in the products you choose.   

If you want to learn more about CBD and its health benefits, come visit us at Market Street Wellness at 633 Market Street, in Medford off Biddle Road or contact us thru www.marketstreetwellness.com

At Market Street Wellness, our vision is to create a healthy community that educates, motivates and empowers people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. We bring a natural holistic perspective to health. We believe life is inspired by health and happiness and continue to carry the largest selection of therapeutic CBD products including CBD flower, chocolates, CBD edibles, oils, salves, lotions, tinctures, and more.



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