Proposed Cell Tower~Ashland Residents Concerned about 5G Health Risks

by Rebeca Ramm


Ashland city council is currently reviewing an application from AT&T to install a cell tower on the SOU stadium grounds along Walker Avenue. This location is next to the SOU dormitories, Head Start preschool and Walker Elementary School. The proposal for a cell tower in our neighborhood offers an opportunity for Ashland residents to review cultural norms and values in relation to EMF exposure.


It is important to understand how modern technology works and the EMF radiation pollution it can emit. There are health and safety regulations in place to protect from EMF pollution, also called electro-smog. Unfortunately, the current U.S. EMF safety regulations are based on old scientific data in regards to low exposure levels from the 1990's and are unable to properly address our modern routine EMF exposure levels.


Communities around the world are defining the terms of their cultural progress by strictly regulating the implementation of new technologies. Many have enforced strong guidelines as to acceptable levels of EMF exposure in regards to school grounds and nature sanctuaries. Here in Oregon, State Legislation Bill S.B. 283 has passed and is currently in review to become a law. If voted into law, S.B. 283 would enforce strict regulations on microwave radiation levels in and around state schools. In 1991, Ashland city council adopted Resolution 91-15 on the assumption that EMF may pose health risks.


Unnatural amounts of electro-smog can disturb the developmental well-being of young students. It can also interfere with the natural process of insects and birds in our ecosystem. Ashland is a proud Bee City USA member and home to popular nature preserves, such as Lithia Park.  Clearly, Ashland residents value the health, education and environmental standards that define our city, attract visitors and new residents annually. 


In order to keep our community thriving, we must have a discussion about our values and communicate our culture to our city council. As residents, our voices define our city standards. The time to speak is now. Please research the current peer-reviewed scientific data about prolonged routine exposure to EMF's used in WiFi, 4G, 5G, utility meters and cell towers. Visit or to connect to resources and local community members. 

Rebeca Ramm is an organizational leader, creative arts and health practitioner. She is currently living in Ashland while building her small business, Pollinator People, to raise awareness about environmental concerns and share her love for pollinators. 


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