Connecting to the Heart of Nature

by Satya Alcorn


Our ancient ancestors were in deep connection and communion with Nature. They knew how to read and interact with living energy field of the Earth . . . her plants, stones and waters. As many of us now intuitively feel, it is time for humanity to re-establish this sacred connection. It is time to awaken and to enter into the great field of Oneness with the Nature.


Nature responds to the human energy field. When we walk through a forest and revere the beauty and peaceful energy there, we are essentially opening a line of communication to the trees, nature spirits and elementals. It is the harmonic resonance of our reverence that allows us access to Nature’s frequency of existence and vice-versa.


To deepen this natural channel of communication, the following practice is offered: • Find a place in Nature where you feel comfortable. • Quiet your mind and rest your attention in your heart. • Invite your body to relax and calm. • Establish a clear intention that you deeply desire to communicate. • With humility and gratitude express your intent either out loud or within. • Next, allow a gentle space of deep listening as you open your energy field to your surroundings. You may hear a direct message, feel a wave of love, experience a silent communion, or be given a vision. • Give thanks for your experience as you offer closing words or a prayer.


Building a conscious relationship with the Earth can take time, as there can be many layers of inner denial that it is possible. Yet the rewards are so worth the effort. As we open our minds and hearts to this deeper relationship, we are weaving our consciousness back into a vast, ancient and totally present field of Wisdom and Love. Our heartfelt communications are strands of Light felt throughout the entire energetic matrix of Nature and are deeply vital as our New Earth emerges.

Satya Alcorn~

Intuitive Readings

Satya Alcorn is a nature intuitive, healer and sacred artist. She serves as a communicator for an ancient community of Light Beings that are dedicated to humanity's awakening and reconnection with Nature. Her work brings grounded and practical insights, information and healing energies. Satya is devoted to the practice of living each moment with presence, joy, and simplicity and has dedicated her life to serving humanity's return to Love.


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