When was the last time you truly felt joy and happiness? If you can’t remember, it’s time to bring those wonderful feelings back into your life, especially in these times!  I want to share some tools about how I rediscovered joy and happiness and the inspiration to live to my full potential.

Tool #1: Remember what you liked/enjoyed doing as a child and what made you happy?


Perhaps, this child in you stopped having fun when he/she was faced with the “adult” world. In my case, I loved doing aerial things and would spend hours going upside down and performing tricks on the bar installed in my living room. Then something happened. I grew old and got swept away into the adult world. Take a moment to reconnect with what brings you joy.

Tool #2: Keep your vibration positive and uplifting.


It’s very important to start off your day with something positive. If you set up a positive mood for the day, it will go much smoother. Whatever comes up, you will be less triggered and maintain more balance and calm. Stay away from people who bring you down or are in drama all the time. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and uplift you, especially during the times when you are struggling.

Tool #3: Spend time in nature.


Our lives have become so busy that we really have moved away from nature, especially when we live in big cities. Nature is very healing and even a 30 minute walk can change your mood. It’s great for clearing your thoughts and getting clarity in any situation. Where is one of your favorite places in nature close by?

These tools are just a small example of what you can do to bring joy back into your life!

Bringing Joy Back to Your Life
by Jane Andrianova

Jane Andrianova combines intuitive guidance with energy work, which includes helping people with emotional struggles, stress & depression.  Her Violet Flame Healing & Guidance can help with removing blockages and balancing chakras.  Jane assists with understanding what people are going through and why specific events are happening in their life.



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