Boosting Immunity with HgH
by Anita Stewart, R.N.

Did you know that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is now available in a Homeopathic, transdermal gel? In the past, the many benefits of HGH were only available by injection from an MD at an expense of $1500.00 monthly and up.


Now, with the option of simply applying this FDA registered gel to your skin, you can reap the rewards of over 40 documented benefits. Because It is a Homeopathic micro dose, it is safe and effective without the side effects reported with large doses of injectable HGH.


Research conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin, John Hopkins, the University of Pennsylvania Harvard, The Mayo Clinic and many more prestigious institutions prove conclusively that increasing Somatotropin (HGH) will “Turn Back The Biological clock up to 32%; burn fat and increase muscle mass & strength by up to 15%, improve sleep, vision and memory and increase energy".


HgH homeopathic gel accelerates the metabolism reduces fat, increases muscle, enhances sexual potency, elevates mood and restores physical ability and passion for life to youthful levels.


It can turn the body’s biological clock back 10-20 years within 6 months of use.

Using this new Homeopathic gel by simply rubbing it on twice a day can make you feel and look younger....


BENEFITS MAY INCLUDE: • sound sleep • increased energy • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles • increased muscle mass • increased libido & performance • increased bone density • healthier hair, skin, & nails


Many report sharper mental clarity and decrease in memory fog/loss. With over 40 documented benefits, ease of use, safety and effectiveness, why wouldn’t you give it a try? 

We are a team of dedicated holistic wellness promoters who love spreading the word on a stand alone product that can literally turn back the hands of time.  We represent Somaderm, the only Homeopathic, FDA Registered, Transdermal HGH gel available without a prescription. The many benefits may include; Improved memory and mood, better energy, Speedy recovery time, Improved healing, Alleviated joint pain, Enhanced fat loss.


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