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Bodywork vs. Massage, what’s the difference??

by Xuba Evaristo, LMT


Some folks get a little bit confused when it comes to the differences between massage and bodywork, and its easy to do as one does include the other. Massage is by technical definition the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the physical body, especially muscle, tendon and ligament. While these are indeed very important layers of the human organism to address, there are MANY more layers, and sometimes resolution or balance can only be truly found by specifically addressing the appropriate tissue level.


For example, bones and cartilage oftentimes need direct attention to them; modalities such as cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release or chiropractic address this well. Internal organs and fluid/nerve pathways sometimes need addressing; modalities such as visceral manipulation, neuro-meningeal manipulation or chi nei tsang do a great job of addressing these levels. Sometimes the more energetic aspects of our physical body, the electrical, magnetic and/or quantum forces that are present in every living thing, is where the most beneficial change can be facilitated; modalities like acupressure, chakra balancing, and energy healing can be most effective in these ranges. As human beings, we are multidimensional creatures, and as such, knowing in which dimension specifically we need assistance in, greatly informs therapeutic success!!!


Massage is then but one approach out of literally hundreds included in a broader bodywork category. Bodywork therefore includes, yet also goes beyond massage, to help root out the source of imbalance, at whatever level it may be. Oftentimes, the bodywork experience is a more profound one, offering deeper levels of relaxation, deeper layers of listening, and some of the deepest whole organism rebalancing opportunities.


Experience counts, get your bodywork today!

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Xuba (pronounced shoe-buh) practices Integrative and Intuitive Wholistic Bodywork, combining the best of over two dozen modalities including especially Cranial Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Oriental Bodywork and Energy Balancing. In full time professional practice since 2000; completed a two and a half year apprenticeship to a Wholistic Chiropractor in 2006; began teaching Wholistic Cranial Sacral Therapy in 2008; and became a proud Papa in 2009. He enjoys drumming, kirtan, capoeira, yoga, hot springs and as much time in nature as possible!