Saving Tax Dollars and

Building your Financial Future

by Kommany P. Leazer


Greetings, my name is Kommany P.Leazer. I am the owner of AngelStar Tax & Accounting Services, Maha Mushrooms, am the Treasurer on ASET Non-Profit Board of Directors, Executive Director for Legacy EarthKeepers Academy of Permaculture, and Spiritual Minister for Unified New Earth Sanctuaries, LLC. One of the main concerns I have for our citizens is how we will spend our retirement.


I have many elder clients that have a pension, social security and many still work a part-time job. I feel tremendous compassion for our senior citizens who have worked for over 40+ years with no tax relief and are barely able to live a quality life. Some can offset this with a healthy real estate or stock portfolio along with help from family. How do we shelter ourselves from this predicament? The corporations have an answer, don’t they? What are their secrets? Why are some people able to save money and others can’t? Is it the amount of money they make or the way they choose to spend it? Who is looking out for our Elders?


I come from an Asian background, and we take great care of our elders and they in turn, take great care of our children. It is one of the greatest tradeoff’s in a family structure. In the Asian culture, there is not much dis-ease and illness late in a person’s life so things like Dementia and Alzheimer’s is very rare. In recent years more people are embracing the Asian traditions with healthier food choices and in turn are living longer and more fruitful lives. I work hard to improve the quality of life for our elders so they can beat the tax late into their retirement years and live in abundance and prosperity even with fixed incomes.

AngelStar Tax & Accounting

Greetings! My name is Kommany P.Leazer and I offer Tax & Accounting Services.  I love to bring Health, Wellness & Abundance to the community by sharing Tax Tips and Business Building Insight as well as products that can help foster growth and healing.  Abundant Heart + Abundant Mind = Abundant Life.​


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