Relax, Let Go, Allow Flow

By Shannon Tinder, LMT

Did you know we live in an infinitely abundant universe?  There is a constant current of flow moving through all life.  It is only our own selves who get in the way of this abundant current, through the fear/lack clench.  Sound familiar?  Check in with yourself right now.  Are you breathing fully?  Are your shoulders up, butt clenched tight?  How many times a day do you unknowingly hold your breath or squeeze some muscle group tightly.   This is like cinching the water hose, but to your own connection with source flow.


As energy aware and sensitive people, I’m sure you are feeling the energy on the planet intensifying.  As empaths, we feel all these feels and don’t always realize it’s not ours.  Energy system maintenance is just as crucial to everyday life as drinking water.  It’s important to do your own daily practice of grounding and clearing as well as seek regular outside help for keeping your signals clear and system running optimally. 


Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield for targeted nervous system relaxation, and can help alleviate conditions such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more.  Every event, thought pattern, trauma in one’s life creates an imprint in the biofield, the electromagnetic field around the body. Through tuning sessions, these imprints, which create drag to the system, are cleared and life force restored to the person. We carry our stories like trees, with our life story expanding like the rings of a tree around us, with the edge being birth.


I created an opportunity for all to receive weekly healing/maintenance sessions through Prosperity Tuning.  Prosperity Tuning is based on Biofield Tuning and guided meditations to open up all channels for abundance in health, wealth, and love.  Sessions are done remotely via phone/web as a group.  They are an inexpensive and profound way to maintain vital energy in these turbulent times.   Receive the full life available to you - release the clench.  Relax, let go, flow. 


To learn more about Prosperity Tuning, visit   Biofield Tuning sessions are also available on an individual basis in person or remote.  Please check out to read about all the offerings with Shannon and Nathan Tinder.

Sacred Living Center~

Shannon & Nathan Tinder

Shannon Tinder, LMT provides Biofield Tuning and Nathan Tinder, LMT provides massage.  Sacred Living Center offers multisensory healing opportunities based in integrative, nourishing massage, sound therapies, and conscious breath-work.  Let us help you clear the drag from your system and shine your radiance.


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