There is a Season for Everything

by Julianne Newman, Chiropractor

In our lives, we often find that one minute we can be on top of the world because life is going so well. The next minute we can be awash in shame or fear because something happened in our world that affected our inner state.  This is a human experience.  Life is ever changing and the joys and sadness of life often live side by side.  These experiences and patterns of responding to life also live deeply in the tissue of our nervous system. 


At Rise, we help you meet your body and your life exactly where it is, where you are, with ease and grace.   Imagine if without effort, you simply allowed yourself to fully feel your uncomfortable or painful feelings in the moment.  Imagine if in a moment of  an exciting new business opportunity, you could laser in on the most important details and put the energy of the universe behind them.  Imagine if in moments of bliss you could truly open to feel and receive the grace of the divine.


Imagine if this cutting edge, gentle neurological care was not only available to those with economic resources but was available to everyone.  Imagine how your world could shift with more ease in your body and life. Imagine how our community could shift with each person having the neurological tools to be fully present and to take full responsibility for how they participated in our places of work, worship, play and learning. 


So much more is possible when flexibility and adaptability are invited into our spines and our lives.  At Rise, with the tool of Network Spinal Chiropractic we will show you how.


-Dr. Julie Newman, Chiropractor

Julie Newman~

Rise Network Spinal

At Rise we offer tools to live vibrantly. Network Spinal plays at the cutting edge of mind, body and soul health with gentle and efficient neurological cues to create more health, joy, passion, presence, ease and authentic expression within each person. As the valley's only chiropractic 501c3, we provide this cutting edge care to everyone hungry for change regardless of their ability to pay for their care. Dr. Julianne "Julie" Newman is our founder and chiropractor.


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