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7 Keys to Actualize Your Business Visions

by Nicole Doherty


As a spiritual entrepreneur, I bet you have a deep desire to actualize your visions through clarity, alignment, and focused intention.


Yet sometimes you get bogged down in the details. Have you ever sat down to write, make a video, or a post and instead find yourself scrolling Facebook, distracted and eating chocolate? Do you feel unclear, confused and indecisive on your path or unclear of your purpose?


As a female soulpreneur your energy, emotions, body, mind and spirituality DIRECTLY impact the success of your business.


WHO you are BEING is just as important as WHAT you are DOING (if not more).


You are a magnetic energetic being. If you are feeling unclear and indecisive that is showing up in your business as doubt, needs for external validation, and sabotage. This is an imbalance in your energetic chakras, particularly connected to your sixth chakra of actionable vision. Although, it is my belief that the chakra system is like a pulley system. If one is out of balance, you need to readjust the whole.


So let's say in this case, you are in doubt, overwhelm and anxiety, which is making you feel fear, confusion and lack of focus.

1- First, I would ask you to get grounded to override the overwhelm. Breathe. Connect to the Earth.

2 - I would invite you to tune in and listen to your feminine womb wisdom. I would invite you to feel into your creative center. I would invite you to speak to your womb, and ask her who you need to be in efforts to attract what it is you want. I would give you real tools to tap into this seat of desire and inner essence.

3 - I would have you pull this desire up to your solar plexus. I would offer you tools to harness your energy and overcome inertia, so you could connect with your power center of enthusiasm.

4 - Once you feel your confidence and access your energy, we'd move it to the heart of service. Here, I'd offer you the opportunity to connect with WHY you are serving your people.  Really feel it and be it.

5 - Now you can connect to your voice, your authentic truth and your vibe.

6 - Then you can access your intuition, meditation and clarity of purpose.

7 - And ultimately connect with the Cosmic Divine Guidance.


Now, you are plugged into the matrix and you are CHANNEL. You are creating from a grounded, connected and deeply soulful place. Confusion and overwhelm are gone and you have unleashed your creativity, confidence and clarity.


From here, we take INSPIRED ACTIONS.


I'm all about real, tangible processes and tools. In my “Unleash the Priestess Within Program” I empower you to understand how your old patterns, conditions and experiences relate to your chakra energy system and how tweaking the energetic balance (through a variety of modalities and tools) will create emotional intelligence and transformational healing and result in the unleashing of your passion, power and purpose!

It is from this alignment that you can actualize your visions!


Some women tell me, I need to get clear first before I do my inner work. Actually, it is time-tested ancient wisdom that states doing the inner work is how you get clear. Your purpose has always been there. It’s your blueprint - encoded in your DNA. Your healing is revealing the AUTHENTIC YOU.


I will be at the next CONSCIOUS LIVING FAIR.  I will give you a quick worksheet I call, "The 7 Keys to Unleashing your Priestess Power" that will help you understand your chakra imbalances and the deeper shadow work that goes along with it so you can get out of confusion and distraction and into clarity and confidence.

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Nicole empowers the awakened woman on her healing path to reclaim her passion, power and purpose! She serves as a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Trauma-Informed Emotional Healer, Reiki Master, Ceremonialist, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healer, E-RYT 500 YogaWorks Teacher Trainer and Medicine Woman.