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The 4 Pillars of Immunity/ 

It's Not what you Think.

by Joa Janakayoas


This information comes to me from St. Germain, an ascended master who began speaking through me in the year 2000.   I speak in the “we,” because I am also present and participating as well. 

The strongest pillars of immunity are not any kind of substance put in or outside your body. Of course, take immune-supporting supplements if you feel to, but they pale in comparison to these 4 pillars.  These pillars, all have to do with how embodied your Soul is.


When you are fully embodied, which also means being fully present (versus absent), you are 100% immune to all outer phenomena. This is exactly what will happen the day when you graduate from the earth learning experience as an ascended master.  But you need not wait for this graduation to have much-much greater immunity. There is a way to build your immunity to anything. 


For example, I, Joa,  have walked 7 times on red hot flaming coals and only got slightly burned on those two occasions I was in fear. Thousands of fire-walkers have reported the same results.   We did not get burned when we embodied our new belief:  “We are one with the fire!.”  


My fire walking instructor strictly warned us against running across the coals, for to do so surely meant we were in fear. But in one of my fire-walks,  a woman ran anyway.  She was burned bad enough to leave for the hospital. Scientifically, this doesn't make since, as she was on the coals a fraction of the time of the rest of us. But my heart knows it's true. Those times I have allowed fear to rule my life,  I always got burned in one way or another. 


I have learned the key to firewalking and walking through life with grace, is to stay connected to my own deepest truth instead of believe in outer fear based phenomena. I believe it is a spiritual law: Each person’s life experience is the result of their most dominant thoughts. If we allow fear to rule our thinking, we get burned.


When you know your oneness with Source, and you learn to live in sovereignty, that is, you take full dominion of your own thoughts and feelings instead of being codependent (caught up in others opinions), you are immune to outer disturbances. 

The main thing that creates immunity is your aura. Your aura is a protective energy shield, a fact not yet recognized by today’s popular science. The problem is most people’s auras have holes in them.  Almost everyone is born with perfect auras. Have you ever noticed how in an earthquake where many lives were lost, they will often find babies in the rubble in perfect form without a scratch? Babies may fall down hard, and usually, they don’t get hurt.

Over time most people’s aura’s become weaker and develop holes. Why? Every time you go into fear about some outer “threat,” your aura weakens. On the other hand, every time you love your Source (whatever you call it), your aura strengthens. 

Every time you go into fear, your soul goes more out of body, and your aura becomes weaker, making you more susceptible to negative phenomena, including what you call viruses. 

So what are the four pillars that strengthen your aura and immunity?

Love Yourself
Whenever your energy drops and aura gets weaker, it is because you’re abandoning your Self in some way. Loving yourself includes loving both the spiritual you and the human you.  First, it is to honor the core Spirit you are, the magical Life presence that beats your heart and all hearts. This inexplicable miracle of life, the love intelligence of our universe – is your very presence.


When we are remembering our perfection, we see perfection around us, and this fills us with overflowing joy.  Once this happens, direct your overflowing loving presence  into embracing your human self and all his/her challenges.  


Your human self needs divine love, especially your inner child, who may feel wounded or frightened at times. The key here is to love yourself unconditionally, even when you make mistakes. Loving yourself includes listening to your hurt with compassion and taking positive action to handle the need.


And don’t forget your need to play and have fun!  Start your day loving yourself, so the rest of the day you are coming from your authentic generosity. During so called hard times, it takes courage to love yourself and choose your happiness when others are not. But by doing so, you become a beacon of light to those lost in darkness, in the forgetting love is here. 

Rest in Your Core Energy
Your core energy is the life energy that heals you. You access it when you’re totally relaxed,  while sleeping, or meditating. Core energy is like your energy savings account. If you’ve been running on adrenaline, fight or flight and feeling survival fear, your energy savings gets wiped out.


All areas of your life want to follow what you are doing with your core energy. For example, when you are collecting core energy, your money tends to collect as well! No matter what is going on in the outer world, you have a right to rest, and collect yourself. Whatever is unresolved, give it to God to take care of, and then let it rest.


Your mind needs to be at a state of rest for you to be immune to outer disturbances.  It is imperative that you feel safe on earth. It’s very hard to feel safe, if you are not getting enough rest.  Allow your mind to become more still, even while you are awake.


To feel this peaceful stillness at home, most people need to be unplugged from artificial electrical currents. We recommend changing wifi to corded connection, sleeping with wifi off,  and cellphones outside of the bedroom.

Enjoy your Creative Energy
When you give yourself the rest you need, creative energy will eventually bubble up, first as your imagination. You can imagine anything you like. We live in an infinite universe where infinite realities exist simultaneously. Everything is happening all the time.


From a human point of view, right now the worst things imaginable are happening on our planet, and the most awesome things are happening. Our news plays up the negative things, By getting caught up in it, your aura weakens, making you more susceptible to the very thing you are afraid of.


Where ever your attention goes, there you are! What most humans don’t understand is that wherever you place your attention makes that reality actually grow.  That’s how powerful of creators we really are. For example, the more you focus on your problems, the bigger they seem to become.  You may not have the solution for humanity’s big problems, for more than anything, people need acceptance for what they’re going through, for the reality they are choosing.  


But you CAN choose to be the solution for every challenge in YOUR life.  The solution is to choose your happiness now by putting your attention on loving yourself. In the vibration of your happiness, all your needs are met with grace and ease.Remember, you are not your circumstances. You are the excitement of your creativity!


For many of you having to stay at home, this is the perfect time for birthing your creative project you had been putting off, like writing that book, or that song. See the gift in every experience and your energy is fed instead of depleted. 


Creativity includes recreation.  Pathogens can not live in high oxygen, high pH environments. When you get excited about what you are creating, you breathe deeper, and energy shows up.  Put it to use with getting exercise! 


 Feel yourself come more alive during this challenging time while others are choosing to allow circumstances to shut them down. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you must learn to overwhelm the world with your self-love and joy, regardless of what some others may think. 


Feel Your Belonging.
For your Soul to be fully in your body and your aura strong, you must feel at home in your body on the Earth, happy in your house, and that you belong with your family and friends.
Taking a time out from electronics, from time itself, and being out in Nature is one of the safest aura building places you can be.   


You belong here on earth or you wouldn’t be here. But, if you haven’t felt like you belong here, choose it now. Say this statement: “I am a blessing to the world.,” over and over until you feel it. As you feel your loving soul is a blessing to the world, you will allow your existence to be appreciated here.  Others will also appreciate you.

This is the most important time to have spiritual family. By being exactly who you are and loving yourself unconditionally, you attract others who are also being authentic. Loving Community is Immunity! Even when we can’t hug each other, we must share our spiritual hugs!  I, Joa, am still a hugger.  And, I recommend trusting your intuition more than fear based news.

Choose to be  unshakable in this feeling of home in your house, body, and heart.
You belong here for a divine reason.

We need your difference to help shift our planet.

As a bonus, we will share what we believe is the number one reason people lose their immunity and become ill.  They have a pile up of trapped emotions in their body.  These toxic trauma memories and associated beliefs keep the body acidic and one feeling tired, irritable, and depressed. When we don’t feel good in our bodies, it’s hard  to be happy and successful.


What I didn’t know until 8 years ago, is how simple it is to locate these trauma memories via muscle testing and clear them out in a matter of minutes. My wife Maqua and I have always been pretty healthy people, but before we learned this work, we would catch a cold on occasion. It seems those days are over as we both keep rising in our health and vigor.


Whenever an issue comes up whether it be health, relationship, or career related, we just clear it, and each and every time, it feels like another rebirth to an even more authentic Self, and our lives move into greater and greater perfection.  At this point we have cleared thousands of people for virtually every kind of physical and emotional issue.  


We would like you to have the opportunity to experience it for yourself free of charge at our online Accelerated Transformation Group every Friday at 10: 00 AM, when you can receive individual attention for your clearing into your greater freedom.  Just go to our website, or click on this link.

This is Saint Germain and Joa Janakoayas of the University of Mount Shasta. You may copy this article, as long as you give us credit.




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