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Shelter in Place...and Looking to the Future

Happy Spring!

During this Coronovirus challenge, many of us are enjoying being at home.  Simple things like gardens, good food, family and health become more precious.

Our practitioners have stepped up to help you make the most of this time, with articles on COVID-19, self-care for your well-being, and tools for financial and spiritual empowerment.

Many are looking to the future, and how our conscious community is evolving. 

Whatever comes, may we create it together, with love & care!

Kathy Kali, Conscious Living Founder

Welcome to the Mush

by Will Wilkinson

The world is re-booting and so must we.  Most of us know the caterpillar-to-butterfly metaphor. What's often skipped over is the in-between stage where the caterpillar begins its transition by dissolving into a chrysalis....

Latest Updates

Just One Click Away

Reveal & Heal 

by Anna Fornachon

The Power of Touch

by Beverly Wood

Letting Go of Trauma & Dis-Ease 

by Dr. Luke Schmelzle

Natural Immunity

Facts, Myths and Smart Actions in Response to the Coronovirus

by Sasha Rock

We are in a scary and uncertain time - from mass economic and social disruption to the unknown scope of impact on public health. We’re seeing plenty of reactionary misinformation, ranging from total panic ("we're all going to die") to nonchalance ("this is a media-controlled conspiracy").

Our Latest Stories

Keeping Our Readers in the Loop

Boost Your Immunity with HgH

by Anita Stewart, R.N.

Bringing Joy Back to your Life

by Jane Andrianova

CBD for Integrative Care

by Stacy Page

Financial First Aid

in Uncertain Times

by Kathy Kali

With the COVID-19 restrictions, everyone is concerned

about money.  76% of people are living paycheck to

paycheck, and self-employed people have been hit

hard.  It's tough.  Join Money Coach and Fair

Founder Kathy Kali to learn how to protect your

cash flow, and grow your income now.

Our Latest Stories

Keeping Our Readers in the Loop

Ancient Beauty Studio

by Mary Saint-Marie

Harmony with Nature

by Eleyah Knight

What is Medical Massage?

by Helene Shoen

Reasoning COVID-19

by Dr. Mark Force

There is a lot of bad information out there about Covid-19 and that information can range from being a hoax to being the zombie apocalypse. So, what to believe and what to do?  Corona viruses are respiratory tract viruses that include MERS, SARS, and Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome....

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Yes the Fair will happen again...when the public health challenge has passed.  In the meantime, stay in touch with our practitioners here and on facebook:



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