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Conscious Living Evolves....

Wow, peeps.


What an incredible year it has been!  The disintegration of "business

as usual" has uncovered racist structures, economic imbalances,

old ways of be-ing that are not working anymore.

Radix(Radical) means "root".  These are radical times when we get

down to the "root" of what is important and rebuild from there.

*What has fallen apart in your life due to world events?

*What is the root of what is most important?

*How can you create anew?

Let's "live the question" together....


Kathy Kali, Fair Founder & Director

When and Where We Feel Safe

by Kokayi Nosakhere

"A healing space, like the BIPOC Sanctuary, centers the comfort of a Black or Brown body.  Once the nervous system feels safe, under new stimuli, it can begin directing awareness along new neurological pathways.  After a transformative experience, we see the world differently; smell the world differently-be human differently:  with greater depth of detail and sensation."

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The Healing Sound of Crystal Singing Bowls

by Kathleen Johnson, MSN, FNP, HTP

Ultrasonic Extracts a Version of Essential Oils

by Dr. Nick Berry

Selfcare is Healthcare

by Dr. Hannah Force Conry, DC

Turmeric for Natural Skin Care

by Neeta Singh

In India, turmeric is one of the most widely used ingredients for natural skin care. Indian brides have long used turmeric body scrubs and face masks to purify and cleanse their bodies and brighten their skin to provide a healthy radiant glow....

Yoga by the Ocean

The 4 Pillars of Immunity

(It's not what you think)

by Joa Janakayoas

"The strongest pillars of immunity are not any kind of substance put in or outside your body...."

Yoga by the Ocean

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Keeping Our Readers in the Loop

Reiki; A Universal Language

by Sandra Toles, RN, RMT

7 Keys to Actualize Your Business Visions

by Nicole Doherty

Radical Gratitude

by Deborah Perdue

earth hands.jpg

Build Wealth.

Change the World.

Kathy Kali prepares to launch book on conscious money in Fall 2020

Do you feel too poor to give to others?

Have you struggled financially since COVID-19?

Have you been burdened by too much debt and not enough savings?

Kathy addresses these concerns in her new book coming out October 2020.

Avocado Toast

A recipe by Cookie & Kate

Our Latest Stories

Keeping Our Readers in the Loop

Health Yourself

by Will & Tashina Wilkinson


by Peggy Leviton

Bodywork vs. Massage, What's the Difference?

by Xuba Evaristo

Labradorite Stone

How Do Crystals Work?

(as featured in

Crystals form over many years, deep within the earth within the forces of solid matter.  They form in places that are rich in minerals, usually molten rock.  The process in which they are formed usually occurs when hot gases encounter cool surroundings and in turn deposit crystals....

What in the World is Going On?

An Astrological Perspective on 2020

by Colleen Lemma



August 28-31

Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland Oregon


Conscious Living Fair postponed til 2021

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